How I Got The Shot

November 7, 2017

Let me start by saying I unfortunately don’t have any behind the scenes photos from this session. That being said I would like to start sharing how I get some of my shots. I think it helps showcase what could be done with minimal and less expensive photography equipment. Plus, it pushes me to be more creative and not depend on a ton of gear.

Gear used for this photo:

Canon 5dmiii

16-35 f4

canon 600ex-rt speedlight (1)

Yongnuo canon transmitter

Alternate gear;

canon rebel or nikon equivalent

10-20mm wide angle lens for crop sensor camera

speedlight ($50) There are many options on Amazon.

a way to trigger the speedlight remotely

Ron had a great view from his apartment and I wanted to incorporate it into his environmental portrait. I wanted a dramatic and moody feel, but could easily convert it to a light and airy look simply by adjusting my camera settings.  The shot was simple. Move all the furniture away from the window, have Ron take a strong pose in front of it facing out into the Atlanta skyline. Ron’s girlfriend held my speedlight in her hand and bounced it into a large screen television just out of sight on the left. Viola……dramatic portrait.